Hello! I'm Courtney and I was wondering where you get your inspiration for your music and your style? (:

Elizaveta responded on 02/27/2013

hi Courtney! What a great question, but oh so difficult, too:)
I get inspiration from everything. Books, nature, people, emotions. Stories. Unfulfilled desires are great, too:) Any emotion can be channeled into art. Any emotion naturally needs to be expressed, and music is one of the best ways for it. I love flowers and I am a flower essence practitioner, so I have been inspired by them and their diversity for quite a while. I am a bit of a sponge: I love information. I love watching people. I am into myths, fantasy and sci fi, but I also love real life fiction because it reminds me of not only what is possible, but what is already here and now. I love movies. I am into languages and travel. There are many, many things:)

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