I've just finished listening to your beautiful cover version of 'Love Is The Drug' by Grace Jones. What other songs would you love to cover in your own special way?
Kate Bush or Enya by any chance?

Elizaveta responded on 02/27/2013

It is a great question, and thank you! Yes, I have quite a few covers in the works. However, I am not sure I would want to cover songs by Kate Bush or Enya, simply because I think they already did their best with them. Do you see what I mean? If I cover a song by someone very different from me, or a male singer, or a song like Love is the Drug by Roxy Music, I have an opportunity to do something different with them, flip them a bit and make them my own. But if I do a song like Wuthering Heights, or, I don't know, Orinoco Flow - I am, in a way, competing with the originals, which are already brilliant and sung by great female singers. So I may change my mind, but generally I am not drawn to that.

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