Thank you for songs and music! What is your attitude to Russia? Is it a Motherland for you? What do you feel to the Motherland of your parents?
Irina, Russia. Wait for you in Saint- Petersburg ;)

Elizaveta responded on 02/27/2013

Привет дорогая!
I still feel very Russian in many respects. I did grow up there, after all. I think my soul is very Russian, but I have acquired other traits from other places & countries I have been to and fallen in love with. My mom still lives in Moscow and my relatives, too. Next month, March 8th, which is the International Women's Day, I'll be performing in Moscow for the first time! I love St Petersburg - I went last summer. It is so beautiful! I hope to come again and perform this time. I am also working on my Russian album right now, so sign up on my email list and stay in touch! Обнимаю!

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