What's your favorite thing about the TV show Downton Abbey? ;)

Elizaveta responded on 03/02/2013

oh wow. How did you know I watched that? I have to admit something: I have an addiction to British TV shows. In fact, recently, Sherlock was my newest addiction. Thing is: I don't have cable, so when I do find a show I like, I normally end up watching it on Netflix when it's done for the season, so I am behind everyone else. Downton Abbey... well... it's basically a soap opera, but a very British one, which means it is done well:) I have to say I kept getting so frustrated with Lady Mary and her shenanigans - we all just wanted her to end up with the right guy. And yet, there is a dose of realism in the show - and that's why I liked it, too - the budding desire for independence in women, for example, and their struggle to express that, while still retaining family ties, and all the problems that come with it.

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