To Elizaveta
I love your music since my Dad brought back your signed CD from TED!!! I really like the songs: Snow in Venice and Armies of your Heart. My question is: When and how did you start producing your own music?

Elizaveta responded on 06/25/2013

hello Jay! That's great to hear:) Thanks for the kind words.

Actually, my Beatrix Runs album was not produced by me. It was produced by Greg Wells, who is a very well known producer - you can google him. That said, throughout the making of the record, I found myself taking more and more initiative on what I felt sounded best, instrumentation and arrangements/mixing. It was a scary, nerve wrecking, but worthwhile experience. I also discovered that I could create complex vocal arrangements. in fact, I made all the vocal arrangements on that record at home, in my closet, between official studio days, to save time.

Now I am really producing, and it's even scarier, but I think I am on to something. As long as I don't let my insecurities take over, but also keep delegating where I need to, things will work out - or so I hope!;)

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