I'm sure this question has been asked before... But I compete in different competitions and audition for different choirs quite frequently.. How do you handle stage fright..? I'm always so extremely nervous...

And on a different note, how many languages have you learned..? And do you plan to add more languages into your music? I personally think it always sounds so beautiful to hear the textures and sounds of another language put into music..

Elizaveta responded on 08/23/2013

Hi there! Stage fright is tricky. I have a couple of ways to deal with it:
1) Be utterly prepared. Whenever I am flying by the seat of my pants, stage fright can be very bad because your inner critic has more rope to hang you with;)
2) do a meditation prior to the audition: it will help you ground yourself and be more in your body, rather than in your head.
3) Try using Flower Essences: google Flower Essences of North America, or FESflowers.com - they make two fantastic sprays: one is for attention/focus, the other is for fear. I am a Flower Essence practitioner, and I highly suggest these.

I speak 4 languages and working on 2 more. Ideally, I'd like to add Japanese, Chinese and Spanish into my language stable. I am currently putting together my first Russian language release, as well. Yes, other language versions are coming, as well as those songs where the languages are mixed up:)

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