If you tour again, (which by all means I completely support), would you come to Phoenix, Arizona? You opened for the James concert and you are my number two inspiration for writing music (second only to Electric Light Orchestra).
Also, as a songwriter, what is the best advise you can give for myself to get recognized?
Thank you so much and continue to write your music that everyone should enjoy!!

P.S. I hope your songs make it onto mainstream radio because you deserve to be heard by every living soul!

Much thanks,
A Girl Named Scot
Scot Madison Quiggle

Elizaveta responded on 08/23/2013

hi darling, yes I will definitely come to Arizona again.
As for getting recognized, wow, what a loaded question. So much goes into this: sometimes it's luck, other times it's talent and luck, but it's always hard work, IMO. What I would suggest is not to worry about being recognized so much, but becoming as good as you possibly can be or close, and THEN people will recognize that. It took me a long time to understand that. Thank you for being a true fan - I have been working hard on new music and I hope you like it.

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