P.S= (This is from the same person who just asked you about your classical references), my parents and older sister are all from Moscow, and I am the first generation American in my entire family. Ever since I grew up here, I've been known as Lisa to my friends, but my actual name is Elizaveta Borisovna Mordkovich, and so my family members joke all the time and sing the whole " Лизавета, Лизавета, я люблю тебя за это". I always thought it was a pretty name, but this is the first time I'm actually kind of proud to call myself that as well. :)

Elizaveta responded on 10/14/2013

Well thank you:) At this point I am kind of a quadruple agent, because there are people who still call me Liza, back in Russia (mostly old friends and relatives), then others who call me Elly - also Elizaveta - and even 'E'. I don't mind, but sometimes it's funny that I have that many names!

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