Hi Elizaveta! Huge fan! I wanted to know, do you have any interesting stories about your journey from playing locally to becoming the awesome well-known singer that you are today? Was it tough to get noticed when you were getting started, or did it flow naturally? And do you have any advice for young singer-songwriters who want to follow in your footsteps and play their own music? Thanks!

Elizaveta responded on 02/13/2014

Hi Dev:)

Well first of all I would say I am an AWESOME well known singer - just yet. But working on it.

These days there is a lot of music out there and it is hard to get noticed. That said, if you have something very special to offer, then you WILL get noticed.

My advice: work hard on your talent/craft. Stay healthy and strong. And be prepared for rejection after rejection.
If you love what you do and keep at it - while also becoming better and better at it, you will succeed.

xoxo hope this helps.

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