Hi! I'm a high school student in love with your work. I've been taking private vocal lessons for 5 years now and are working to pursue a career in music! Just looking for advice, how did you become such an amazing songwriter? I've been trying and trying but feel as though I'm going no where. I'm taking piano lessons, should I write the melody or the words first? Sorry, if this is a weird question. I just thought who's better to ask than an amazing writer herself?
Looking forward to new releases! - Emily

Elizaveta responded on 05/22/2015

Hi Emily! Thanks so much:) I have to say it's difficult for me to advise on songwriting because I was always writing, ever since I was, maybe, 5. One thing I would say is: learn to improvise and make things up on the spot. Spend some time every day just making stuff up and record yourself. Listen to yourself and you'll start hearing things - songs always sound and feel different to you when you are singing/playing them vs. once you have actually recorded them. Don't set any rules for yourself, just have fun - sometimes you may have a cool few words which inspire you, other times you'll have a melody. If you sing a melody and use 'fake' words, like gibberish, when you come up with it, make sure you remember/record what they were - oftentimes you may end up using more than a few of them because they work best with the melody.

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