What got you started? and how did you learn so many languages? seriously are you a savant?! o-o
do you like to read? what kind of books? read any good books lately? i like fantasy and scifi admittedly i ask everyone this cause im always looking for something new! (read too fast >.>''')
your music is amazing and truly inspiring if you ever have a concert in my neck of the woods ill do my best to be there!!! ^_^

Elizaveta responded on 10/23/2017

Wow, Shirley, thank you! I love languages, so I am learning Japanese now, and then Chinese is on the list. I love all kinds of books, but these days I have no time:( I appreciate your support and reaching out. When I was little, I started writing songs, so it started like that.

Also: apologies for late response - this part of my site/Fanbridge was broken for a while, apparently, so here I am, responding to a few questions I didn't know I had been asked! if you'd like to engage more directly and frequently, check out my one-song-a-month Patreon I just launched: http://www.patreon.com/elizaveta , since I'll be shutting down Fanbridge and limiting my presence on social networks for a while, as I focus on making new music as much as possible! It will also help me make sheet music and interact with my fans more directly, and in one place etc. Patreon will allow me to make one new song a month available directly to my fans, and they will be able to support me, starting at $1 per month.

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