Hey Elizaveta! HUGE fan! This might be a hefty question, but as a fellow musician, I'm curious if music is your fulltime job or if you maintain another stream of revenue as well? I see you as an inspiration and I'm curious what your thoughts are on the financial side of being a singer-songwriter!

Elizaveta responded on 02/26/2016

Thank you, Atta:) I will tell you outright, it's a difficult profession and while I am doing mostly ok, it's definitely not a stable lifestyle. At the moment I am doing music only, but I am able to write, produce, perform and work in a variety of different genres. I am also very prolific. I think if I wasn't doing all these things (which I enjoy, by the way), it would be very difficult for me to survive. As it stands, I love what I do, so I am ok with not always knowing how the chips may fall:)

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