You're my absolute favorite artist and I love every one of your songs. I saw you at WitzEnd in LA a couple years ago and it was wonderful. When you were there you sang a song with these lyrics "I have no wish to live forever, I'm not afraid to fade away, if we are free, we're together, I learn to cherish every day, these golden chains, they will not bind me, these neon lights, they hold no spark. But I will leave this world behind me, and hold you close until its dark" (I recorded your performance of the song). I was wondering what the title of this song is and where/if I could find it to listen to. Thank you!! :)

Elizaveta responded on 02/26/2016

Hi darling - yes, that song is called 'Chains', and it's a looping sequence song I am planning on recording this summer in different languages and posting videos! So please stay in touch. I perform it and layer everything live.

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