Where can I purchase Like Water? I can find the album listed on Amazon but it's not available to buy :(

I was able to find it streaming on a random site and it seems like Like Water is the original version of Как дети?? They're both so lovely!

Elizaveta responded on 10/23/2017

Yes! Thank you! However, both are not currently available because I feel the production is a bit dated and I am not happy with some elements in both. That said, they will be both available as part of my Patreon discography - we just launched this week, and quite a few fans were interested in my older tracks.

Also - apologies for late response - this part of my site/Fanbridge was broken for a while, apparently, so here I am, responding to a few questions I didn't know I had been asked! if you'd like to engage more directly, please check http://www.patreon.com/elizaveta , since I'll be shutting down Fanbridge and limiting my presence on social networks for a while, as I focus on making new music as much as possible! It will also allow me to make sheet music and interact with my fans more directly, and in one place etc.

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