I'm a vocal student and i look up to you so much!!! I want to sing one of your songs as a performance piece this year. do you have any piano sheet music out and if not would it be okay if I transcribed my own?

Elizaveta responded on 10/23/2017

hey there! You are very kind. I hope your singing is progressing swimmingly! And no, if it's for personal use, feel free to transcribe anything you like. We are working on making sheet music available, it's my next big project.

Also - apologies for late response - this part of my site/Fanbridge was broken for a while, apparently, so here I am, responding to a few questions I didn't know I had been asked! if you'd like to engage more directly, please check out my one-song-a-month Patreon I just launched: http://www.patreon.com/elizaveta , since I'll be shutting down Fanbridge and limiting my presence on social networks for a while, as I focus on making new music as much as possible! It will also allow me to make sheet music and interact with my fans more directly, and in one place etc.

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