Some 15 years (or more) ago, you were on mp3.com. I got pretty much all your live acoustic songs from there: Intangible, 15 Minutes of Fame, Circle (Krug), etc. Some of theses songs have nice and funny little intros where you interact with public. I'm wondering if there's a place I can buy theses recordings. I have them in mp3-128Kbps quality but I'd like to get them in better quality: 320, flac or cd format. Any chance you can put theses songs and perhaps all the old demos on your store? Thanks!

Elizaveta responded on 10/23/2017

hi! Thank you for your support:) Wow, you have been a fan for a long time! It's an honor for me.
Yes, the plan is to collect and make a lot of these recordings available, but probably at first to my Patreon supporters. I have just launched that community, and I am very excited. Check it out!
While the focus is on the new music, mostly, I have gotten some feedback from fans who are interested in same as you are, and I am going to look into how I can make that available and when.

Also, apologies for late response - this part of website was broken for a while, apparently -

xoxo Elly

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