Hey Elizaveta! I recently discovered your music and was blow away. You have the voice of an angel. I was wondering why 'Oridinary Life', one of my favorite songs, wasn't posted on your main channels.

Elizaveta responded on 10/17/2017

Thank you! It took me a while to get to respond to these comments/questions, as I completely forgot this website section existed. I am catching up now, so no kind words go unrewarded and unloved. Ordinary Life... I have been meaning to re-make the song a bit, to make it sound more like what I would like it to be. It's been my plan for a while, but now I think I'll do it as part of Patreon project, as well compile a list of songs to tackle in the coming months.
Consider joining me at http://www.patreon.com/elizaveta - which we launched yesterday - where I create one song a month directly to fans & subscribers:) And thank you so much for listening and reaching out.

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