Elizaveta I love you music I have been a fan of you for years I am 12 years old and you are my music inspiration I would love to see you in concert so when is the next time you are coming to California? And I would love to know how did you get to where you are with your music? Because I have always wanted to be a singer as long as I can remember so I would like to know how to get started. I completely understand if you don't have time to answer this question and if I seen weird even if this just my text on a screen but I am just nervous that my idol might see this. You are amazing and I love you thank you so much for your music

Elizaveta responded on 01/27/2017

hello my dear Hannah! Apologies for such late reply. I have had a very busy few months:)
Anyway, thank you for your support and enthusiasm. It really made my day to read your message, so thanks for sending it!
As far as getting to where I am with music… well - I started playing piano and singing when I was a little girl. And I think I just kind of kept going. Sometimes it worked, others it didn't. Actually, I struggled for many years, and I still do, depending on how you look at it - I am an independent artist, and it's hard sometimes because there's never quite enough money, I have to be very inventive and keep pushing myself forward. Sometimes I just want to sit in a room and play piano for days, but I can't, because I need to be in charge of the business.
But all that said, I love what I do and consider myself very lucky. If you want to start, don't think too hard about how to do it, just do it. Feel free to ask me more questions:) good luck!

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