I have fallen in love with your voice, your song, your words and you. I first came across your work back around 2004 or so when you went by Elly K but then I lost track of you after a while. Recently, while listing to one of your songs from back then, I decided to do a search on your to see if I could find out if you had created more music and this is when I finally figured out that you are going by a new name. Since then, I have been listening to everything you have done that I have missed... catching up on all the work you have been doing. :) I love it all so much! A question... lets see... ohhh I am blank at the moment on questions... accept maybe can I take you out to eat someday. ;) I have so many of your songs that I love so much... but I think my most favorite is Jester. Oh... a question just came to me... when you listen to music, what are some of your favorite artist? I am about out of characters so I will end here. Many Hugs and Kisses! Tracy

Elizaveta responded on 01/27/2017

Thank you, Tracy! yes, it's been such a journey.
thank you, also, for reminding me of Jester! I think I should re-release that song.
Sure! One day, we should eat something tasty, somewhere, you never know where life takes you.
I am going to be releasing more music this year, and also launching my Patreon channel so fans can help me make more recordings - so please stay in touch and feel free to ask questions. Also, thank you for remembering of me and following up… xoxo

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