Hi Elizaveta, first of all I would like to say that as an artist you're awesome! I love all of your songs and I started with the Hero remix of Pegboard Nerds, and I instantly fell in love with the vocals. Who are the artists that inspired you?

Much love from France, Viet.

Elizaveta responded on 07/27/2017

Hi Viet! Thank you so much:) There are so many artists I love. Well, first and foremost there are the classical composers I grew up listening to, like Bach or Chopin. Then there are the classics like Peter Gabriel or The Police - what can I say, I still think they are the greatest;) Can't beat Nina Simone, either. If you talk about singing, I am always putting on some Edith Piaf or Jacques Brel. I love French music. For more contemporary music - I really dig Stromae, actually. I like Childish Gambino. Sia (but more her earlier work). I have to admit to not being about the charts, much. I really like Apple Music and its playlists because I can always explore and find new and obscure stuff, mixed in with the classics. I like the 80's for their catchy pop gems and occasional long guitar solos. Bon Iver is cool. Then there's more obscure Japanese stuff, too.

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