What is your biggest piece of advice for aspiring singers?

Elizaveta responded on 01/04/2013

Wow, that is a very serious question. First, practice, practice and practice. Learn to get to know your own voice. Record yourself and listen back all the time. You'll notice things that way you won't hear otherwise. Second: find what makes you unique as a singer and person. Learn from the giants and your idols, but don't 'borrow' their voices or styles. You need to have your own and only then people will respond to you the way you hope they might. Secondly, always sing for yourself and from the heart. The moment you are 'performing', you lose the connection to your own self and most of the depth available to you. That said, sing for yourself, but not TO yourself. Be brave to sing out, stand out, be loud, be proud of who you are. Did I say 'practice'? Pay attention to the words and carry phrases like you would if you were reciting poetry, don't let the melody take over the importance of the words themselves.


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