Two Questions: What is the singing industry like? And, Do you ever get tired of perusing your passion of singing/consider it as work?

-Your listening fan, Beverly

Elizaveta responded on 01/04/2013

Hi Beverly!

The singing industry is pretty brutal, all in all. Maybe if I had known what it would be like, I would have become a marine biologist, after all:) But I don't believe in regrets, and I feel like I have come a really long way. To answer your question, yes, I often have moments when I get tired or discouraged. However, that normally happens because of external circumstances or events - or - because I have let myself stay away from the actual 'process' of creativity for too long. When it comes to inspiration, writing and singing, I have been in the best place of my life in the recent two years and it only keeps getting better. So the trick, when I feel like I am getting nowhere, is to get back to basics and just enjoy singing and writing. Then it never gets old. There are, of course, moments when you stop realizing your own value, as well - because you have been doing something for so long that now it is second nature to you. And that's where live performance comes in.

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