Any chance on a tour stop in Southern Arizona? I think the last time you were scheduled for Tucson something happened and it was cancelled (and many people were bummed out!)

Elizaveta responded on 01/14/2013

I am definitely due for a big tour of the US. Yes, last time it was an unfortunate thing - I was opening for James (the band) and I caught the flu. By the time we arrived in Arizona, I could hardly stand. I guess I could have braved it after all, but my throat was a complete mess, as well, and the doctor told me that if I wanted to tour and perform soon after, I would have to get rest and not sing anymore for at least a couple of weeks. At the time I was scheduled to open for Sinead O'Connor, on her tour of the East Coast, but she cancelled her whole tour, unfortunately. So - next time I promise a real show in Tucson! Please don't hate me!:) xoxo

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