You speak multiple languages, but why do you choose English as your main language for song? I understand that you would reach a broader audience with English, but is there anything personal about it?

Elizaveta responded on 01/10/2013

I am bilingual in Russian and English. Actually at the moment I am putting together not just my next release in English, but a Russian one, as well. I am also going to release a version of Meant & Snow in Venice in Spanish - there is a version of Dreamer in Japanese now, and believe it or not, an Odi et Amo in Chinese. I will post those as soon as they are ready. English is not as personal as Russian, but it's very universal, fist of all, and secondly, it's a good language for pop songs - you can say a lot using very few words, and so it's great for a catchy melody or hook-writing. My songs in Russian tend to be quite a bit more 'talky' because it's just how the language tends to pre-dispose the writing. I also have some things coming up in French and Italian. I love languages and singing in different ones because they all bring out something different in my singing, especially Russian - I have been told that the timbre of my voice changes quite a lot.

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