What jobs can you have after getting a music major.. Is it even stable?

Elizaveta responded on 03/02/2013

Nothing is ever stable. The truth is - the more you hope to be stable, the more you set yourself up for potential disappointment. Life is not stable - it flows, changes, takes a left turn and before you know it, you are not where you expected to be at all. And maybe it's for the best! What I would say is: find a way to be happy with what you are doing, whether you make money or not. If you are happy, doing something every day, money will come - maybe not a whole lot, but just enough. If you are unhappy and unfulfilled, stability is not going to make you feel better. That is just my opinion, however. I think my mom disagrees:) As far as a music major goes: it depends. If you are majoring in an instrument or performance/composition, yes it's worth it. If it's music business, IMO, forget it - best way to learn about that is from actively working, engaging with artists and getting experience. In the meantime, you can also get a business degree, if you want, because it's useful.

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