As you work on new music, what direction do you think you will head in, such as style and or themes?

Elizaveta responded on 01/14/2013

The second record will be similar to Beatrix Runs, in the sense that it will be a mix of styles, textures and themes. There are some upbeat songs but also some slower ones, and definitely all of them influenced by my own experiences in the recent year and a half. I am considering having an acoustic record-companion to this one, and maybe releasing them at the same time, but I am not quite sure yet. I am working with Greg Wells again, who produced Beatrix Runs. He is a genius and a great friend. I think the major difference between the two records is that I am no longer in the same place as a person - as I was when I wrote the songs for Beatrix Runs - I think I am stronger and more direct. The past year was a trial by fire and water, so to speak, and now I feel like I have emerged from it with the songs that reflect this. I am still the same person, of course, but I am more 'me' and I feel more comfortable being myself whether it is in the public eye or not.

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